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How to Get Away With Murder icon battle with the ever so brilliant shameless666

Ahhhh this was so much fun to do! I want to thank Senko the academy my parents etc etc for being such an amazing partner ~in crime in this giant ass caps + tropes icon battle :D Iconing while being sick - kudos to you, my friend, you are a real trooper ♥

shameless666's screencaps
01-05 shameless666
06-10 scoobyatemysnax

scoobyatemysnax's screencaps
11-15 shameless666
16-20 scoobyatemysnax

shameless666's tropes
amoral attorney beware the quiet ones manipulative bastard shirtless scene wham shot
21-25 shameless666
26-30 scoobyatemysnax

scoobyatemysnax's tropes
bad blue lighting off with his head tastes like diabetes the future is noir white void room
31-35 shameless666
36-40 scoobyatemysnax

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